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{♥} This is a community for pictures from all the CSI shows: Vegas, Miami and New York. It follows the footsteps of hundreds of other '-- daily' communities, such as carmineg_daily and house_daily; to name but two. It was set up by fallapartagain and paintedrainbows after noting that, although other favourite shows had 'daily' communities attatched to them, CSI didn't.

  ♥  R U L E S

{♥} This is a picture-posting community. Any offtopic posts will be deleted. There are so many communities out there for icons, other graphics, fanfic, discussion - go use them if you just wanna chat!

{♥} Following on from the above, all posts must contain at least one picture of a member of the CSI cast. Recurring guest stars are good, too. [For example, Wallace Langham from the original CSI].

{♥} Don't hotlink. It's pretty simple, not to mention self-explanatory. Many people pay for their bandwidth, they don't need it eaten by you. Check out imageshack or Photobucket for free image hosting.

{♥} For large images, please use an LJ-cut. Don't know what one is? Don't feel bad, I didn't either, once upon a time. Check out this entry in the FAQ. Please make sure any images containing spoilers for unaired episodes are behind the cut!

{♥} Community promotion is a big no; unless it's something CSI-related. We don't like ratings communities, we don't like communities for other shows, we don't like communities for your uncle Bob's green and yellow striped socks.

{♥} Please try and make sure the picture you're posting hasn't been posted already. Tags and memories features are in use, and they're incredibly helpful.

{♥} PLEASE credit your picture sources!

{♥} All pictures are great, but hi-res ones are especially welcome. Remember the LJ-cuts though, there are still users on dial-up - and people who might want to skip pictures of a CSI show they don't watch.

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{♥} fallapartagain - tabitha
{♥} paintedrainbows - laney

{♥} Feel free to contact either one of us if you have any questions or problems!

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{♥} jontogo_daily
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